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About Us

Who are we?

The Internets Veterans For Truth are a group of long-time bloggers, designers, and techies who decided (in slackerly fashion, around the end of last week) that some of the clips that've been floating around online needed to be seen by everybody.

A few catchy slogans, registered domains, and a mess of volunteered hours of encoding, design, dev, and server wrangling later...

Also, we served alongside George W. Bush in the hot, dry Texan jungles of the Internets Deltas.

Help us!

We want to make a difference. As an individual, the most important thing that you can do is to send this link and show this site to everyone that you know, especially those that are undecided or in battleground states.

Emails, Forums, Mailing Lists, Weblogs -- go to it!

Some example links:

Err, you get the idea.

Track us on: Technorati, Popdex, Daypop Top 40,

Radio/TV/Print Press/Media contacts would also be great. Send them along. You can tell we don't have any people specializing in PR or copy, can't you?


General Comments

A large group of volunteers helped create this site. We have a group gmail account we prefer you use for general comments, suggestions, compliments...

Press / Media

Members of the media, please contact Leonard Lin. He will get back to you promptly via email or phone as necessary.

Want to be a mirror?

Contact Ask Bjørn Hansen. You need to be able to setup a virtualhost in our domain. We don't want to break your bandwidth limits, so it works best if you have at least a few hundred gigabyte "transfer limit" available. To make sure the movies download fast, you need to have a 25-100Mbit link to the internet.