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Relevance of the topic of the study. Social communication occupies

A special place in the life of modern society and every person. It directly

or indirectly related to almost all communicative spheres.

The ability to communicate in time and space has expanded enormously with

the acquisition of writing, printing, electronic communication - the telephone, radio and

means of mass communication, as well as the mechanization of transportation.

The communication process is a necessary

prerequisite for the formation and functioning of all social systems.

Because, as we know, it provides the connection between individuals and

social communities. It makes the connection between generations possible,

Ensures the accumulation and transmission of social experience, its enrichment,

the translation of culture. With its help the organization of joint

activities. It is through communication that management takes place,

Therefore, in addition to all of the above, it represents a social

In addition to all of the above, it is a social mechanism through which governance arises and is realized in society.


The relevance of the topic is that communication is one of

Those important phenomena of society, which markedly affects, on the development of

public relations, it actively influences the process of formation of

public opinion.

With the development of society, the complexity and diversity of activity

social actors and the accumulation of information plays an increasing role

social communication plays an increasing role. They are of particular importance in the

The modern world, when the information revolution is carried out -

decisive qualitative transformation of the information sphere. This

It is manifested not only in a significant technical modernization of means and

communication means, but also by qualitative changes in the social and


The social and cultural spheres, such as the establishment of the foundations of a postindustrial

information society with a well-developed system of complex

communication processes. They have a significant impact on the

social space, the entire system of social interactions, and the direction and dynamics of social progress.

The direction and dynamics of social progress. One of the means of

Communication is the Internet, which has neither physical nor

geographical, administrative-state and censorial boundaries.

The introduction of the Internet opens up a new era in the development of communication.

The intensity of communication increases and the limitation of interpersonal communication begins

of interpersonal communication and its transfer to the virtual plane.

The Internet is becoming a means of global communication, its popularity and

availability of technology contributes to the emergence of new opportunities and

communication methods, forms a new sphere of information

interaction. Thanks to the Internet there are many different means

Internet - communication, such as: blogs, chat rooms, various forums, Skype,

teleconferencing, social networks, mail, and much more.