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Communication plays a huge role in modern society.

Communication is the transfer of information from person to person,

a set of technical means that ensure the processes of information transfer

information. Communication covers the activities of all

social spheres and processes (economic, social, political,

cultural), is carried out by means of signs, symbols, images. It

It is the only way of information exchange, perception and

perception and understanding of the world. We can distinguish the following features


1. The communicator and the recipient (person and group) are involved.

2. The communicator and the recipient seek to achieve a certain goal.

3. The communicator uses verbal and nonverbal means.

4. The communicator and recipient influence each other.

5. the effectiveness of communication depends on both the participants themselves and the

The context of the situation.

We in our work will consider social communication, which

considered a necessary stage in the development of institutions, groups, and individuals.

Social communication (from Latin communicatio - a way of reporting,

transmission) is the transmission of information, ideas, emotions through signs,

symbols, a process that connects separate parts of social systems


with each other and the mechanism through which power is exercised, as an

attempt to determine the behavior of another person.1


With the rapid development of technology, this type of communication has taken

In the rapid development of technology, this type of communication has taken a variety of forms, which, unfortunately, does not mean an increase in its

effectiveness. Also, some theorists view this phenomenon as a

as a way of influencing large groups of audiences through which

The goals of those broadcasting the information are realized.